Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blogku da berhabuk...Mourinho and Barcelona

Sori la ye..aku sedang busy sgt2 skang nih..even nk mengarang pon xde tenaga dah..
so, for tonite, aku hanya mengharap agar Messi dan Barcelona garang membelasah Inter Milan malam ini.

But, today Mourinho is the best manager in the world. Everywhere he goes, he turns it into a pot of gold or we can say silver trophies. He has a magic which I don't know how to describe or explain. Even Arsene Wenger or Alex Ferguson has to wait for a while to become famous and great manager but Mourinho did it in an unbelievable manner. He has won 6 major trophies for Chelsea in just 3 years and still unbeaten at home in the league since he was at Porto!! Remarkable..

I hope he does lose tonite and his team once again out in the semi final of the champions league. haha, he does have a hobby of losing in the semi final of champions league so i hope he loses again!!

Pep Guardiola on the other hand is a new manager with a bit of luck managing a team full of world-class talents, so its actually a bit of blessing to him as he only has to shape the team and turns them into a world beater. Barcelona 2008-2009 side is the most greedy side in history which in 2009, they 'makan sorang' all the 6 trophies available.

So, fast forward to 2010, current Barca side actually does lacking in attacking department since Eto'o has gone. But, Messi has sustain or rise his level to the 'jesus' level as Maradona said. So, hopefully tonight he rises to the occasion and delivers the blow to the Mourinho side.

P/s: hahaha bila menulis nih excited la pulak..kehkeh

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lee Chong Wei

I watched Lee Chong Wei historic win last night and I am so proud of him. He was devastatingly good at times and shockingly very nervous during the final against Kenichi Tago of Japan. Tago had given him stern test last night but fortunately LCW was up to the task and delivered his first All-England title after seven year in the competition.

In the first set, LCW started slowly and Tago was up 4-0 and 15-11 but then Chong Wei got hot and finally nose ahead 16-15 before closed the set 21-19 after Tago managed to save 3 set points.

Chong Wei leads 6-1 and 11-7 in the second set, but the Japanese managed to level at 14-14. Chong Wei then stretched the lead to 20-17. This time around, nerve were truly got the better of Chong Wei as he squandered 2 match points before his final shot landed in the baseline which in my opinion was out but was called in by the line judge to hand him his first All-England title.

Hahaha, I was laughing when I saw the TV crew replay the last point over and over again. The shuttle was definitely out for about 1cm!!. But, in this sort of game, luck is definitely going to play their part. the only question is, who gets the better luck. In this case, Chong Wei is the lucky guy. But, he deserved the title. Definitely deserve the title.

Maybe Lin Dan was not his opponent in the final but who cares. It was not Chong Wei's fault that he has to beat Tago instead of Lin Dan in the final. I did however anticipate Lin Dan - LCW final but sadly it did not materialized. Hats off to Chong Wei for his title and next in line is Thomas Cup. Malaysia Boleh! Haha

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Preview - France vs Spain

Well, I can smell it. 4 years of waiting is almost over. Yes! The Gigantic and Fabulous World Cup 2010 in South Africa is upon us. Da tak sabor benor da nih nk tengok World Cup di Stupid Box 29 inci kat rumah aku. Tomorrow, we can get a little taste of what is to come this June. The world's best squads are battling each other this week in International Friendly. I have been supporting France since 1998 masa France are the World Champions.huhu. of course, Spain should comfortably win this match as France has been kind of struggling to qualify to the World Cup (ye, tangan Henrylah yang melayakkan France ke World Cup but who cares?hehe). Spain are European Champions and heavy favourite to win the World Cup but France are former champions of both world cup and euro, so don't count out France team yet.


For me, Spain has the most talented squad. Full of world-class talent in every position. They have the most gifted Goalkeeper in Iker Casillas. Only Buffon can challenge him on being the best goalkeeper in the world although in my opinion Casillas is the best. Sergio Ramos, Puyol, and Pique are some of the world best defenders. Their trio of midfield of Xavi, Iniesta and Fabregas are enough to make opponents rase nak terkencing dalam seluar. Torres and David Villa for me are the most fearsome and lethal strikers in the world. For me, Spain is the most complete team in the world right now with Brazil.


Tolong tukar coach yang bernama Raymond Domenech. Please. Aku berpendapat masalah France adalah pada Jurulatihnya. For me, they also have the team which capable of beating the world best squad such as Spain and Brazil tetapi sebab seorang manager yang tidak tahu akan taktik-taktik permainan maka France beraksi seperti Selangor. Sampah. Spain ada Del Bosque, Brazil ada Dunga, England ada Capello, even Malaysia pun ada Rajagopal tetapi France ada Domenech yang tarafnya macam budak sekolah baru nak belajar membaca. Henry langsung tak nampak dah kat Barcelona, Ribery kejap timbul kejap tenggelam, Malouda turun kasta jadi left back, Vieira da jadi tukang bedah diri sendiri kat Citeh, Gallas emosi terlampau, Benzema memanaskan Bucket Seat Real Madrid, sape je yang tinggal?

Down la pulak bile aku tulis post nih. Cari team lain lak nak support time World Cup. France sudah tidak sehebat dulu seperti zaman kegemilangan Zidane, Deschamps, Desailly, Petit, Henry dan lain-lain.


Spain 4 - 1 France

Monday, March 1, 2010

Manchester United - Carling Cup Champions

Not much to say as Aston Villa cannot do anything to prevent Manchester United from winning the Cup. Even with Wayne Super Duper Rooney on the bench, Manyoo still dominated the match except for the penalty conceded by Mr Vidic on foul to Gaby Agbonlahor which Milner converted.

Owen then equalized 8 minutes after the penalty after silly mistake by Richard Dunne who gives away possession easily to Berbatov.

Rooney then came on to replace injured Owen just before halftime and delivered the killer header to finish off Villa 16 minute from time.

So, I'm not going to write anything longer because obviously I was supporting Villa during the match. Congratulation to Manchester United and hopefully this will be the last silverware of the season for them. Adios.

PS: Sori kawan2, xde mood nk tulis pasal manyoo menang, sket2 sudey. Len kali bile manyoo kalah, aku janji aku kutuk panjang lebar dlm blog ni.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aaron Ramsey, Arsenal and Horrendous Tackle

Shit things do happen again. Deja Vu? No. First, aku hepi Arsenal beat stoke 3-1, but, it's hard to think about title race after what happened to Aaron Ramsey.

Incident macam ni lah yang aku naik menyampah dengan EPL yang mana physical aggression is celebrated rather than condemned. Demmit la.

First, what is going to happen to Ramsey? Is he ever going to fulfil his enormous talent? Will he ever play football again or will he ever walk again? Our thought is with him to make full recovery and play for Arsenal again. EPL need to do something to stop this disgusting behaviour and not let players get away with this. Seriously. 3 broken legs in 5 years is a bit too much as our captain said.

Arsenal simply become a victim of this because they play possession football. We invites this kind of challenges because the ball is on the ground rather in mid-air. Seriously, football is not worth any of this tackle. Kenapa motivasi untuk menang menyebabkan player menjadi ganas dan menyerang player lain?

For Arsenal, this is the same thing happened to them 2 years ago. Except they lost that game and baby Gallas crying his eyes out. So, for them to regroup and winning this football match is simply superb. It's not easy to focus on football when you see your teammate has broken leg.

For Ramsey, we hope for your speedy recovery and be able to play beautiful football again. For Arsenal, let's prove people wrong and land the title again. For others, please respect Arsenal's football.

Chelsea 2 - 4 Manchester City

Hai kawan-kawan, Amacam cuti maulidur Rasul? Berapa banyak dah duit skoler bulan 3 yang baru masuk korang abeskan kat KL mahupun Ipoh? Berapa ramai awek dah korang belanja makan hujung minggu nih? Biasalah Penyokong Chelsea nih, tidak sah kalo tak sebut pasal awek. Almaklumlah, sudah berapa ramai gadis2 dibolosi oleh abg2 Chelsea. Cashley Cole, JT, dan lain2.

Berbalik kepada Match, fokus adalah kepada handshake antara JT dan Wayne Bridge. Ini merupakan antara Handshake yang paling dinantikan sejak Shamsiah Fakeh dan Aishah Ghani. JT menghulur tangan untuk handshake tetapi Wayne Bridge dengan takburnya terus salam Hilarious Hilario.
Chelsea menurunkan Malouda di bek kiri sambil abg Ferreira memanaskan bangku simpanan. opss. Sori. Kat europe mane main bangku simpanan macam kat Malaysia. Ianya dipanggil Bucket seat, sangat empuk dan selesa. Maka, bolehlah abg ferreira duduk di bucket seat smbil berfikir malam ni nak makan apa selepas match.

First 40 minit , Chelsea ngan Citeh main rileks2 dulu. Ade satu can je tak salah aku, Drogba rembat ke laut ala Akmal Rizal setelah Lampard nak-merembat-tp-bola-kene-lutut kat Drogba. Then, pada minit ke-42, Joe Cole through pass kepada Lampard. Lampard pon merembat melepasi Given untuk gol pertama Chelsea. Malam tadi, Citeh plan main hanyalah mengunakan counter-attack. Long-ball ke arah gol Chelsea dan Tevez yang kecik berjaya menewaskan Carvalho dan JT sambil melepaskan sepakan selemah yang mungkin kerana tahu Hilarious memang tak boleh nak save sepakan itu.

Second half was much better than s*** first half. Minit ke-52, Bellamy dapat bola di sebelah kiri pintu gol chelski dengan hanya Obi Wan Kenobi Mikel didepannya. 'Sayur je nih' kata Bellamy, so, dia dengan pantas menggelecek Mikel dan melepaskan rembatan ke arah pintu gol Chelsea yang kosong. Ok, memang Hilario ada kat situ, tp macam takde. Understand? Sampah. Tertekan dengan ketinggalan, Ancelotti memasukkan Belletti dan Sturridge untuk menggantikan Joe Cole dan Mikel. Belletti yang sudah lama tidak meninggalkan bucket seat nampak agak tertekan berada diatas padang. Maka, dia mengambil tindakan drastik memberi penalti kepada Citeh dan menerima Kad Merah drpd pengadil perlawanan.

'Yeah. aku nak sambung duduk di bucket seat aku balik' Belletti.

Tevez dengan sukanye menyepak bola kearah gol yang terlopong luas (ye, aku tau, mmg ade Hilario kat situ). 3-1 to Citeh. Then Ballack pula decide untuk join Belletti dan abg Ferreira untuk duduk di bucket seat. 2nd red card for Chelsea. So, 9 against 11. Another Counterattack, Wright Phillips cross and Bellamy dengan senang hati menyudahkannya untuk gol keempat Citeh. Lampard tambah sebijik lagi gol penalti hasil foul Barry ke atas Anelka. So, Final result, 4-2 to Citeh.

Man Of the Match : Carlos Tevez


Invisible Man of the Match : Hilario

Hahaha..aku hanya mampu gelak...Fans Chelsea sila berdoa agar Petr Cech cepat sembuh. Selagi Hilario main, selagi tu Chelsea akan bolos.

Ps: Arsenal menang 3-1 vs Stoke. so, title race are still very wide open.

Friday, February 26, 2010

First Post

Hmm...Di kala kebosanan yg amat sangat disebabkan aku tidak dapat tidur malam ni. Maka disini aku mewakili pihak aku nak mengumumkan yang aku pon nak jadi blogger pulak. Tindakan drastik ini terpaksa diambil diatas sebab aku mengalami hypertension. Hypertension ini berlaku apabila aku tidak tahu untuk buat apa-apa malam ini. Sampah. Baru je tadi aku tidur dengan penuh nikmat, tetapi disebabkan segerombolan member2 aku bermain terup sambil tergelak terbahak2 menyebabkan aku terjaga dan segar bagaikan baru lepas layan white coffee ais sicik. So, dengan ini aku, mengumumkan blog the hawks zone ini ditubuhkan secara rasmi pada pukul 3 pagi, 26 february 2010.
So, nama the hawks zone ini aku pilih secara rambang sebab nama2 macho lain sudah diambil oleh orang lain.