Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blogku da berhabuk...Mourinho and Barcelona

Sori la ye..aku sedang busy sgt2 skang nih..even nk mengarang pon xde tenaga dah..
so, for tonite, aku hanya mengharap agar Messi dan Barcelona garang membelasah Inter Milan malam ini.

But, today Mourinho is the best manager in the world. Everywhere he goes, he turns it into a pot of gold or we can say silver trophies. He has a magic which I don't know how to describe or explain. Even Arsene Wenger or Alex Ferguson has to wait for a while to become famous and great manager but Mourinho did it in an unbelievable manner. He has won 6 major trophies for Chelsea in just 3 years and still unbeaten at home in the league since he was at Porto!! Remarkable..

I hope he does lose tonite and his team once again out in the semi final of the champions league. haha, he does have a hobby of losing in the semi final of champions league so i hope he loses again!!

Pep Guardiola on the other hand is a new manager with a bit of luck managing a team full of world-class talents, so its actually a bit of blessing to him as he only has to shape the team and turns them into a world beater. Barcelona 2008-2009 side is the most greedy side in history which in 2009, they 'makan sorang' all the 6 trophies available.

So, fast forward to 2010, current Barca side actually does lacking in attacking department since Eto'o has gone. But, Messi has sustain or rise his level to the 'jesus' level as Maradona said. So, hopefully tonight he rises to the occasion and delivers the blow to the Mourinho side.

P/s: hahaha bila menulis nih excited la pulak..kehkeh

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