Monday, March 15, 2010

Lee Chong Wei

I watched Lee Chong Wei historic win last night and I am so proud of him. He was devastatingly good at times and shockingly very nervous during the final against Kenichi Tago of Japan. Tago had given him stern test last night but fortunately LCW was up to the task and delivered his first All-England title after seven year in the competition.

In the first set, LCW started slowly and Tago was up 4-0 and 15-11 but then Chong Wei got hot and finally nose ahead 16-15 before closed the set 21-19 after Tago managed to save 3 set points.

Chong Wei leads 6-1 and 11-7 in the second set, but the Japanese managed to level at 14-14. Chong Wei then stretched the lead to 20-17. This time around, nerve were truly got the better of Chong Wei as he squandered 2 match points before his final shot landed in the baseline which in my opinion was out but was called in by the line judge to hand him his first All-England title.

Hahaha, I was laughing when I saw the TV crew replay the last point over and over again. The shuttle was definitely out for about 1cm!!. But, in this sort of game, luck is definitely going to play their part. the only question is, who gets the better luck. In this case, Chong Wei is the lucky guy. But, he deserved the title. Definitely deserve the title.

Maybe Lin Dan was not his opponent in the final but who cares. It was not Chong Wei's fault that he has to beat Tago instead of Lin Dan in the final. I did however anticipate Lin Dan - LCW final but sadly it did not materialized. Hats off to Chong Wei for his title and next in line is Thomas Cup. Malaysia Boleh! Haha

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