Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aaron Ramsey, Arsenal and Horrendous Tackle

Shit things do happen again. Deja Vu? No. First, aku hepi Arsenal beat stoke 3-1, but, it's hard to think about title race after what happened to Aaron Ramsey.

Incident macam ni lah yang aku naik menyampah dengan EPL yang mana physical aggression is celebrated rather than condemned. Demmit la.

First, what is going to happen to Ramsey? Is he ever going to fulfil his enormous talent? Will he ever play football again or will he ever walk again? Our thought is with him to make full recovery and play for Arsenal again. EPL need to do something to stop this disgusting behaviour and not let players get away with this. Seriously. 3 broken legs in 5 years is a bit too much as our captain said.

Arsenal simply become a victim of this because they play possession football. We invites this kind of challenges because the ball is on the ground rather in mid-air. Seriously, football is not worth any of this tackle. Kenapa motivasi untuk menang menyebabkan player menjadi ganas dan menyerang player lain?

For Arsenal, this is the same thing happened to them 2 years ago. Except they lost that game and baby Gallas crying his eyes out. So, for them to regroup and winning this football match is simply superb. It's not easy to focus on football when you see your teammate has broken leg.

For Ramsey, we hope for your speedy recovery and be able to play beautiful football again. For Arsenal, let's prove people wrong and land the title again. For others, please respect Arsenal's football.

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